2023 Black Friday Sale Shopping Guide

       Black Friday Sale is approaching, and it's the perfect time to give your wardrobe a fresh new look with irresistible deals and discounts. When you come across the perfect one, a bra becomes your wardrobe's ultimate companion: providing support, comfort, and durability. So, being selective while shopping for a bra not only makes sense, but is crucial to guarantee a flawless fit and a seamless appearance. We have a "Get 2nd Bra At 40% Off" deal during BFCM period. 🥹

If you want to enhance your breasts and reduce back fat, the Hannah 2.0 bra is a must-have, now support up to 44” size band.

Hannah 2.0 offers all-day comfort and support. The thicker, adjustable straps provide confidence throughout the day without digging or shifting. The seamless design ensures a smooth look under any outfit, while the scoop neck adds an elegant touch. Besides, we have a pullover version too!

👉Hannah 2.0 With Enhanced W-Support👈

👉Pullover Version Of Hannah 2.0👈

Looking for a beautiful and comfortable lace bra?

When it comes to pretty lace bras, we have to mention the Sharon and Dahlia lace bras. Take a look at the cute Sharon and the elegant Dahlia design! Sharon, our best seller for almost 2 years, features a stunning scalloped neckline and is available in sizes up to I cup. This wireless bra has two layers: a soft lining and delicate embossed lace.

Perfect for fuller-busted and busty women, our focus was on providing a natural-looking lift. We achieved this without the need for underwire, ensuring shaping support with maximum comfort.

👉Check Sharon Lace Bra👈

👉40.7% Modal Lining, Dahlia bra👈

Say goodbye to outdated, bulky minimizer bras for heavy breasts with Harper 2.0 and Helena.

Now available in various shades and sizes, these bras offer excellent support and a sleek appearance. They are seamless and with gorgeous design.

Indulge in the ultimate comfort and support of the Harper 2.0 & Helena bra. Treat yourself to the best!

👉Harper 2.0 Seamless Minimizer Bra👈

👉Helena Scalloped Design👈

Meet our Chloe 2.0 in various attractive shades, including a cobalt blue.

You may not have given much thought to the material of your bra, but we have. Our series of ribbed trim adds a refreshing element of style while ensuring comfort and air permeability. It offers breathable support with all the benefits of the original design: wireless, comfortable, and featuring ribbed trim on the side wings.

👉Chloe 2.0 With Air Permeability👈 

During this Black Friday sale, Forlest offers the perfect solutions for matching your wardrobe, providing breast support, and ensuring comfort throughout the day. Their products seamlessly combine function and style to help you look and feel your best.

Don't miss out on the incredible deals and discounts available during the Black Friday sales. Embrace your curves and enjoy the comfort and support you deserve.