We may heard of 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra and we also doubt about the accuracy of this statistics.

However, one thing is for sure – a poor bra fit is not good for us. We will get headaches, indigestion, bad posture and even stubborn bulges that make us out of shape.

Here are 5 common bra fit issues and how to fix them logically:

1. Bra Straps Slipping

    • Re-adjust sliders as they can move especially when bras are machine washed.
    • Get re-measured. Straps are more prone to slipping with a bra that's too big for you because they are set further apart
    • Get a new bra. Straps naturally lose their elasticity after wash and wear or over time.

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    2. Digging Straps

    • Wear bras with wider straps. Most women find at least a 10-12mm strap width sit comfortably on their shoulders
    • The straps are too tight. Loosen straps so you are able to lift them up one inch.
    • Time for a fitting or a new bra. Your bra band should create a straight line across your back.

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    3. Creeping Band/ Riding Up Band

    • Adjust your strap – Support should come from bra band and not by tightening your straps only.
    • Band is too tight, use an extender hook if you really like that bra.
    • Time for a fitting or a new bra. Consider wearing one band size larger, always put on the loosest hook 1st. 

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    4. Baggy Cups/Cups Gaping

    • Tighten your strap. Sometimes, that's all you need to do.
    • Going down one cup size. If the band isn’t fitting comfortably, it’s time for a fitting.
    • Avoid moulded/padded bras that have a defined shape and opt for a bra with seams that can flatter your unique shape.

    5. Cup Overflow/ Muffintop

    • Going up one cup size. If both the cup and the band is too small, it’s time for a fitting.
    • Choose bra styles that provide more coverage in the cups and/or the wings area.
    • Check if your bottom band is riding up. If it is riding up, you should try a smaller band size but also a larger cup size. 
    If your bras simply don't fit well anymore, it could be time to get re-measured. You should be measuring your size every six to nine months as your body goes through changes. Learn how to measure yourself at home: