Choosing the right bra is an important decision, and the FORLEST® bra makes it an easy one.

With its affordable price, unparalleled comfort, health benefits, high quality, and ability to enhance your natural shape, it's clear why FORLEST® bras are worth the purchase.

1. Affordable Price

FORLEST® is currently hosting a summer sale! Buy two bras and receive 30% off the second one. Additionally, sign up for our newsletter for an extra 15% off. The average price for a bra ranges from only $34 to $36. This is an incredibly affordable deal that you won't want to miss!

2. Support Your Comfort

We've always been committed to finding comfortable bras for fuller-bust women. A comfortable bra will keep you feeling your best all day, no matter what you're doing. Our Sharon bra features a buttery fabric that feels like a cloud. Wear it all day without even feeling it. It's perfect as a crop top or a lounging bra, with breathable and lightweight padding that eliminates nipple poking.

👆Sharon Lace Bra👆

3. Health Benefits

At FORLEST®, we understand that a bra should support you throughout the day without causing discomfort. Our bras are meticulously designed with soft, wireless, breathable fabrics and a perfect fit to ensure you feel comfortable and confident. The Harper 2.0 has thick adjustable straps and a wide band at the back, reducing backaches and preventing digging straps and spillage situations.

👆Harper 2.0👆

4. Good Quality, Long Service Life, Environmentally Friendly

Investing in a FORLEST® bra means investing in quality. Our fabric composition includes a higher grade of nylon and spandex, resulting in a skin-friendly and second-skin feel. Additionally, our commitment to sustainability means that our production processes are environmentally friendly, reducing your carbon footprint with every purchase. Our best seller, Hannah 2.0, is designed for fuller-bust ladies. It features deep cup padding and supports up to a J cup. It is equipped with semi-fixed thin padding and 5-row hooks, making it more durable and convenient for washing and traveling.

👆Hannah 2.0👆

5. Provide a Natural Uplift

Unlike traditional wireless bras, FORLEST® uses innovative Jelly Gel® technology to make bras comfortable and supportive simultaneously. It improves your posture, enhances your silhouette, and provides a natural uplift for your breasts. Our Kelly 2.0 is a revolutionary symbol with a 360-degree Jelly Gel® support that provides comfort and support for fuller-bust women. Wearing Kelly 2.0 will not cause any discomfort, no matter what you do, making it feel as if you're not wearing it.

 👆Kelly 2.0👆

Treat yourself to the comfort and support you deserve with FORLEST® and experience the difference for yourself.