As mothers navigate the myriad stages of life, our bodies undergo changes that call for different levels of comfort and support.

One essential wardrobe staple that can make a world of difference is the bra. We've curated a selection of six types of bras suitable for mothers at different stages, ensuring a comfortable and fashionable wearing experience at every phase.

1. Style and Buttery Soft Bras for New Moms

New mothers often feel uncomfortable during the breastfeeding phase, especially in the early days when their milk is still coming in and their breasts are growing and shrinking. Finding a soft, stretchy, supportive, and simple bra is indispensable. We recommend two comfortable, soft, wireless bras for new moms, allowing them to embrace their changing bodies with comfort and grace.

Chloe 2.0: Made of buttery soft nylon blends, this bra features a unique stretch fabric that adjusts to changes in a new mom's body. Its ribbed trim adds a refreshing element of style, providing comfort while maintaining air permeability.

👆Chloe 2.0👆

Hayley Bra: With its flat, fused edges, Hayley bra creates a sleek and smooth appearance that virtually vanishes under clothing. Its seamless, wireless design ensures zero pressure on the chest, offering ultimate comfort for new moms.

👆Hayley Bra👆

2. Light Lining and Breathable Bras for Busy Moms

As moms enter their prime parenting years, their days are filled with endless activities. A lightweight and durable wireless bra are essential to keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle.


Thea 2.0: The ultra-thin fabric promotes free air circulation, keeping you fresh and dry even during the busiest moments. It features a light lining that offers just the right amount of support without unnecessary bulk, providing comfort while feeling like you're wearing nothing at all.

👆Thea 2.0👆

Dahlia Modal® Bra: Dahlia bra offers a silky-soft feel against the skin, enhanced with 40.7% modal fabric with excellent moisture-wicking. It keeps the skin dry and fresh, ensuring unparalleled comfort all day long, from special occasions to everyday wear.

👆Dahlia Modal® Bra👆

3. Comfortable and Supportive Bras for Older Moms

With every passing year, our wisdom and grace grow, but so do our needs for comfort and support. Our bras are designed to provide optimal support where you need it most, ensuring that you feel secure and comfortable all day long.

Hannah 2.0: This bra is a game-changer for moms embracing the wisdom and beauty of age. It uses an enhanced W-supportive shaper, providing a natural uplift. Say goodbye to sagging and hello to a lifted, supported silhouette.

👆Hannah 2.0👆

Harper 2.0: The wider coverage design provides a more natural uplift and covers all loose flesh. Its smooth design looks impeccable under most clothing, ensuring comfort and support for older moms.

👆Harper 2.0👆


This Mother's Day, show mom how much you care with a gift that celebrates her beauty, strength, and individuality. Treat her to a comfortable bra that she'll love and appreciate every day!