As the weather gets warmer, it's time to update our wardrobe and make sure we have the right bras for the season.

For fuller-bust women, finding the perfect bra can be a challenge, but with the right tips and tricks, you can find a bra that fits well, looks great, and is comfortable for all-day wear.

Here are 7 tips for choosing a bra for spring/summer:

1. Make Sure Bra Fits Properly

The most important tip for choosing a bra for spring/summer is to make sure it fits properly. A bra that doesn't fit well can cause discomfort, pain, and even damage to our breasts. Take the time to measure yourself to ensure you're wearing the correct size. Use our tape measure and bra calculator.

2. Choose Bras With Support

Jelly Gel®️ bras provide extra support and lift for fuller bust women. The silicone strips helps to shape and lift your breasts, giving you a more flattering silhouette. No more poking or pinching.

👆Most Supportive, Jelly Gel®️ Megan 

3. Don't Be Afraid to Try New Styles

Don't be afraid to try new styles and experiment with different colors and designs. Spring/summer is the perfect time to add a pop of color or a fun print to your lingerie collection. Try on different styles and see what works best for your body type and personal style.

👆Chloe 2.0 With Air Permeability & Scalloped Design 

4. Look for Bras With Molded Cups/Paddings

Molded cups or paddings provide more support and shape to your bust. They help to prevent any sagging or drooping, and they also give you a smoother silhouette under clothing. Molded cups/paddings are especially helpful for spring/summer when you're wearing lighter fabrics and tighter clothing.

👆With Semi-Fixed Paddings, Thea bra

5. Look for Bras With Wide Straps

When you have a fuller bust, you need a bra with wider straps to provide the necessary support. Thin straps can dig into your skin and cause discomfort, especially when you're active or on the go. Look for bras with straps that are at least an inch wide or wider to help distribute the weight of your bust more evenly.

👆Hannah 2.0 With Wider Adjustable Straps

6. Consider a V-Neckline Bra

V-neckline bras are designed to lift and enhance your cleavage while still providing the necessary support. These styles are perfect for spring/summer when you're wearing lower-cut tops or dresses. Look for styles that have adjustable straps for the best fit.

👆We Love Jelly Gel®️ Megan 

7. Opt For Bras With Breathable Fabrics

Finally, look for bras that are made from natural fibers or microfiber that will allow our skin to breathe. Avoid low-grade synthetic fabric like polyester, which can trap heat and cause discomfort.

👆Super Thin Eileen

Choosing the perfect bra for spring/summer doesn't have to be a daunting task. By following these seven tips, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect bra for your wardrobe. Remember to opt for lightweight fabrics, choose the right style, get the right fit, consider your activities, choose the right color, and invest in quality. Happy shopping!