Bras With Jelly Gel Inserts - How Good Are They Really?

Today,I want to test a very high-quality brand for women all year round, so here is one such bra.I think they are really cool, because you can also wear it almost directly as a sports can see here are no lace, because of the transparent, I think you could just wear it like that for doing sports or other things.
So the wide one is the straps,you can see here are made of rubber, but really solid actually.That is a really chic thing here,so it’s simply black.Then,I will show you the back is also relatively wide.The fabric is just super comfortable,now i am sure that it’s ice silk so exactly.Just like a second skin.Of course,the straps are adjustable.
This one is super soft without any seams.You can turn it to another sides, and I can see the little cushions inside, which you can pull them out to choose thick or thin. It is still a beautiful rounding that actually these are really thin thing. And it have four straps on the back, and you can see this gel padding to makes a relatively chic shape. After washing or something else,some cups will protruding at the end,but this bra doesn’t.You can even take the cup out.