Shopping for comfortable bras can be a daunting task for many fuller-bust women. Finding bra that fits well and provides the necessary support is often a challenge, especially for wireless bra.

At FORLEST®, we specialize in bras for fuller bust ladies, offering wireless yet supportive bras designed to meet our unique needs for 3 years. Here are some upgrades that we did for the past 3 years.

1. Fom Hannah to Hannah 2.0:

Hannah 2.0 is an improved version of our original Hannah bra, now featuring an enhanced W support band for 50% more support and comfort. Additionally, to cater to a broader range of customers, Hannah 2.0 now accommodates up to a J cup and a 44" band.

👉Hannah 2.0👈

2. From Kelly to Kelly 2.0: 

In response to customer feedback, we've expanded the cup sizes for our Kelly bra in its 2.0 version. The new Kelly 2.0 supports up to a J cup and a 44" band. Its fabric is lightweight and breathable, ensuring comfort throughout the day. Most importantly, the 360° full coverage Jelly Gel® support system effectively supports heavier busts.

👉Kelly 2.0👈

3. From Harper to Harper 2.0: 

Harper 2.0 has been upgraded with a full coverage(scalloped neckline) design and an enhanced minimizer. If you've struggled with clothing not fitting properly due to a larger chest, our full coverage minimizer bras could be the solution. Unlike the original Harper, Harper 2.0 features semi-fixed paddings.

👉Harper👈                                   👉Harper 2.0👈

4. From Chloe to Chloe 2.0:

As summer approaches, consider the breathable and supportive Chloe 2.0. Designed to keep you cool and provide lift for fuller busts, it minimizes discomfort and sagging. This updated version features a scalloped neckline and introduces a new color: Cafe Latte.

👉Chloe 2.0👈

5. Fom Thea to Thea 2.0:

The Thea 2.0 boasts upgraded ultra-thin fabric designed to keep your skin fresh and dry all day. This wireless bra offers breathable support, making it an essential addition for anyone seeking a comfortable fit. We also incorporate a subtle lace design to enhance the feminine appeal of Thea 2.0.

👉Thea 2.0👈

6. From Dani to Dani 2.0:

The Dani 2.0 is lined with a fabric that wicks away moisture, ensuring a dry, comfortable fit that lets your skin breathe freely. While the 1st version of Dani supported up to a G cup, the 2.0 version comfortably supports up to an H cup, making it a popular choice among women with fuller busts who wear larger cup sizes.

👉Dani 2.0👈

With our 3rd anniversary sale coming up, now is the perfect time to experience the comfort and support of FORLEST® bras.