Our Eco-Friendly Approach: Reducing Waste, Supporting Sustainability

FORLEST® is dedicated to creating wireless bras that offer comfort and support for women with large breasts, all while upholding our commitment to environmental protection and ecological responsibility. Here's how we're making a difference:

1. Sustainable Packaging

We opt for biodegradable, recyclable, or recycled materials for our packaging. By choosing minimalist designs, we reduce material usage. Our gift of laundry bags and velvet dust bags not only protect our products but also encourage reusability.

2. Packaging Reuse

Our packaging is designed for multiple uses. It can be repurposed as food-sealable bags or storage for personal items, reducing waste. We also encourage customers to donate their old bras to those in need, further promoting reuse.

3. Reduced Returns:

While we do not offer free returns, our flexible policy encourages customers to make more environmentally friendly choices, reducing the environmental impact of returns. We also assist customers in finding the right size to minimize returns due to fit issues. Here is our return and refund policy.

4. Extended Bra Life

We provide guidance on proper bra care, including washing and storage tips. By following these guidelines, we can extend the life of our bras, reducing waste.

5. Waste Reduction in Production

We take steps to minimize waste during the production process, such as optimizing fabric cutting techniques and using less fabric. We are also exploring recycling initiatives to give old bras new life and reduce textile waste in landfills.


By implementing these strategies, FORLEST® is working towards a greener, more sustainable future. Join us in celebrating Earth Day by making environmentally conscious choices. Together, we can make a difference!