So Comfortable Seamless Bra

Just by looking at the bra, I could say that these bras are really comfortable. This is red one, it does have Jelly gel™ that they are unlike marketing, which is super comfortable, because i'm wearing the other pair right now. This one right here is the Jelly gel™ Paula wireless t-shirt bra, so yeah along with this bra, here is the same color anti-bacterial classic brief. 
The second set is black color. As i have said it's very comfortable and it has enough support. Personally guys i actually go for bras that have unwire or the bras that have wire, having to say that i do love bras with underwire. But I can say that the bras from Forlest, though they don't have underwire, they have this Jelly Gel™ technology, so for me wearing it right now, it is actually very supportive. Same support that i get from underwire and it is actually much comfortable. 
I do like to mention this, guys, the closure on the back has one two three four. So look overall i only have nice things to say on this bra.