These Bras Are So Cute!

This brand called Forlest,and they're really working on making bras that are super comfortable. This one is so soft and cute. There's three levels of clip-on. It's like a blue gray color and there's lace and I like how the straps are kind of thick we shall try this on. It is so comfortable that i say it honestly even feel like I am not wearing anything. Because it's so comfortable I actually genuinely love this and I will be wearing this a lot it's so cute too.
I think the fact that it's seamless, just makes it very very comfortable and the lace is not scratchy at all. Nothing is poking at me. I hate when bras have the underwire and it comes out and starts poking you like there's none of that.
 Guys that is so cute. I love this color. And the straps are adjustable. I can not even express how soft there are. This one is also insanely comfortable, I really like the colors the cut of it is. I gonna be wearing this a lot.