Are you interested in learning more about Modal fabric?

Perhaps you've seen the term on clothing tags, but aren't quite sure what it means or if there are any recommended Modal® bras. Fortunately, we have all the answers you need right here!

1. What Is Modal®?

Modal is a fabric made from cellulose pulp extracted from beech trees. This material is both soft and sturdy, allowing it to maintain its shape and structure. Additionally, it doesn't shrink when washed. Despite being well-suited for items like panties, bras made from modal are uncommon and tend to be more expensive than those made from cotton or polyester.

2. Advantages of Modal® Bra

  • Texture

    Modal® fabric is incredibly soft, which makes it an ideal choice for clothing that is worn close to the skin. Other fabrics may cause irritation, leading to redness and itching, especially for those with sensitive skin. Modal® lining is a great option for such individuals as it not only prevents irritation, but also promotes skin health.

  • Breathability & Moisture-wicking

    Modal® is highly breathable and absorbs about 50% more moisture than cotton, providing long-lasting comfort and breathability. The fabric is 99% moisture-wicking, making it perfect for bra lining, and helps to keep you feeling fresh and dry.

  • Stretch

    Modal® is naturally flexible, but when combined with spandex, it becomes even stretchier.

  • Durability

    Modal® is known to be more durable than many other similar semi-synthetic or natural fabrics, such as viscose, silk, or cotton. It can also be washed in a washing machine with ease.

3. Can you recommend any Modal® bras?

Yes, we have comfortable Modal® lining bras for everyone.

  • For Fuller Bust:

Lucy is made with 41.8% Modal® fabric and designed with lovely embossed lace. It features a light, airy fabric, making it perfect for fuller-busted ladies up to a J cup. The bra provides excellent comfort and support, exuding a high level of elegance and beauty that makes it perfect for special occasions.
The  Dahlia bra is made with a luxurious, silky-soft fabric that provides a comfortable feel against the skin. Its 40.7% Modal® lining offers enhanced softness, while its sweat-wicking performance ensures comfort throughout the day. The bra also features reinforced side wings and a W-supportive underband that contour the bust and create a smooth look, hiding any bulges and providing a flattering shape.
Get a good night's sleep with the  Harper comfort bra. Made with 40.6% Modal® lining, this bra keeps you dry by quickly wicking away moisture. It's available in sizes up to band 42, so you can enjoy a snug, yet comfortable fit.
For Small Bust:
The lining of the Dani bra is made from Modal®, a skin-friendly material that enhances comfort and moisture-wicking. The bra offers natural shaping and support to the breasts, without the use of wires.
The Daisy features reinforced sidewings and a W-supportive underband for optimal bust shaping. Additionally, the cushioned paddings provide a nice lift and help prevent sagging.