I Am Dying For These Bras

Today we are going to dig in once again in Forlest underwear. Their bras are in this super smooth material, they are all like totally seamless feeling and fitting completely like a sports bra,but you have the support and like the little extra details that you have on a normal bra so i really like that.
I am going to start with the red color and the brief, which has mesh parts in the front. This bra has a three clips in the back and has many steps, so it is very sturdy. It has kind of wide bands and you can adjust them. It is pressed cups, but you can take out the cups.This panty is super high in the waist and they are raw cut in the end parts. So there is nothing that is digging in. You have no seams or anything in the upper part.
 We're going to take a look on the green color of the bra, this one is much more sturdy. As you can see it's four clips on the hooks and you have a lot of adjustableness here. So this one is super sturdy, It also have the adjustable part in the band is a little bit thicker once.
And it's more like a normal bra this is super duper for like t-shirt bra or like something that you don't want to see a lot of lines under when you're wearing. It's a super comfortable one once again, the color of this likes very downtown earthy green. Material is the same as in the panties so it's the same what i really like with.
This one is reminding me of a sport bra. I really like this black one, I think this is my favorite out of the batch and because it is with pressed cups and you see you have the mesh parts up here, very nice cuts. These adjustable straps are a little bit thinner but not super thin. 
And it's also very breathable material and It's the seamless. This is the more like underwear giving an extra nice fit underneath, so it's really like firming and hugging your body in a very flattering way.