Washing bras and panties can be tricky, but there are 2 easy ways that will help you keep them last longer. 

Fun fact 1st 😉: You don't have to wash your bra after one use (unless it's really dirty). You can wait 2-3 wears to help prolong its life. Don't wear the same bra back-to-back days, just like jeans and pants. 

Tips #1: Rinse your bras in the shower between washings. Between washings, you can rinse them clean of most body oils and dirt by bringing them into the shower with you. Rub the bra gently. Focus on the areas that collect the most sweat. And remember hang the bra under shades as bras can't withstand direct sunlight. It will lose its elasticity.

Tips #2: For Forlest's bras, you can wash them in the washing machine, and a bra laundry bag is highly recommended because it keeps your delicates separate, prevents snags, and helps them to keep their shapeAvoid hot water as this will break down the elastics in the fabric and shorten your bra lifespan. Set the washing machine to a gentle/delicate cycle and add mild detergent only. 

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Extra tips: When travelling, you can stack bras neatly with cups inside of each other to help hold their shape. You can absolutely fold Forlest Jelly Gel®️ bras and place in a simple travel bag to protect them from any dirt/leaks and to keep them organised.

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