Don't you agree that we can't have the festive feeling of Christmas and new year without a red bra?

Red turns out to be the hottest bra shades on Q4. There are plenty of good reasons to bet on red, we have 4 logical reasons why red bra is magical like a holiday love.

1. Red complements every skin tone

The key is finding the right shade to complement the undertones in your skin. If you have a dark complexion, you can wear pretty much any shade of red and get away with it. If you have fair skin or golden undertones in your skin, don’t shy away from getting a red bra. A red bra puts your love life on the best footing. 

👈 Left, Sharon; Right, Hannah 2.0 👉

2. Red disappears under white garments

A white or nude bra is not the best option to put on under white T-shirt, blouse, or tank because it will contrast with your skin and stand out. Meanwhile, the color red absorbs light and makes it blend in with your complexion. However, we must avoid reds with a lot of pink or purple undertones, go with the true red . 

👈 Left, Holly; Right, Harper 2.0 👉

3. Red boosts your confidence

There is a psychology study conducted in 2017, the participants who wore red rated themselves higher in both attractiveness and sexual appeal than those who wore blue.Try rocking our Red Bras— and you just may walk a little taller.

👈 Left, Thea; Right, Amber+ 👉

4. Your wardrobe need RED

If you see a whole lot of black, white, and nude in your undergarment wardrove, it may be time to infuse a RED excitement into your collection. You may be surprised by how versatile red can be. Take one of our lace red bras, you are still your little girl. We do love red, don't we?

👈 Left, Veronica; Right, Venera 👉

In Spain and Italy, red brings good luck. In Latin America, it portends a fruitful love life. Care for ourselves by wearing red bra underneath instills our own sense of personal empowerment.  As women, we are often caretakers of children, animals, our partners, and our elderly parents. Self-care is imperative to being able to help others, and there is nothing selfish about it.