We've likely heard the frequently cited statistic that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra. While the accuracy of this statistic is debatable, one thing is certain: an ill-fitting bra is detrimental to us.

This is because wearing the wrong bra can lead to various problems, including:


1.Lack Of Support

  • Wearing a poorly fitting bra that offers little support can cause breast tissue to stretch and be displaced, leading to sagging and drooping over time.
  • Wearing a well-fitting bra not only boosts confidence instantly but also ensures proper breast support. The Dahlia bra features a wider hem design with a built-in W-support band and thicker sidewings for maximum support. Get the Dahlia bra now and say goodbye to sagging breasts.

👉Dahlia With W-Support Band👈

2.Bra Spillage

  • This condition occurs when the cup size is too small or when breasts that are fuller on the sides have a higher chance of experiencing side spillage.
  • Introducing the best choice for ladies with fuller busts, the Harper 2.0 features a wider coverage design that provides smoothness and enhances how we look and feel. The cups cover most of the bust, while the enhanced sidewings help reduce the appearance of bulges and armpit fats.

3.Digging Straps

  • Bra straps that dig into our shoulders are not just a painful nuisance; they can also cause deep grooves in the shoulders, headaches, and even nerve problems.
  • If the bra band digs into our skin and makes us uncomfortable, it is likely that our band size is too small.
  • To reduce the damage caused by digging straps and prevent future discomfort, try the Sharon lace bra with wide adjustable straps, specifically designed for comfort. It is made with a stretchy and soft fabric that feels like you're not wearing anything at all.

    4.Band Rolling Up

    • Many women with a fuller bust often encounter the issue of their bra band rolling up, which can be quite bothersome. Whenever we raise our hands or stand up, our bra tends to shift and requires readjustment.
    • If we are dealing with a bra that rides up, rolls up, or moves out of place, the Hilary bra features a wider hem design with a built-in W-support band to offer optimal support and a secure fit that stays in place without curling. It effectively keeps your bust in position.


    • If our bra is too small, it will compress our breasts excessively and make them appear as one or spill over the top.
    • When we desire both support and comfort, we often have to compromise on one of them. If we prioritize support, we may end up with a uni-boob effect, whereas if we prioritize avoiding the uni-boob effect, we may sacrifice support. However, Kelly 2.0 defies this convention by offering a 360° Jelly gel support system that provides both support and separation between your breasts.

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    Selecting a well-fitting bra can contribute to your overall health and boost your self-confidence. Explore the range of FORLEST® bras available now! Say goodbye to the stress of wearing ill-fitting bras!