Finding the perfect bra is essential for comfort, support, and confidence.

Many of us have shared concerns about side bulges, inadequate lift, and the need for wider straps and better side coverage. Here's a guide to understanding why side smooth support bras are a game-changer and how our top styles meet these needs.

1. Comprehensive Side Coverage: 👉Kelly 2.0👈

Kelly 2.0 features a 360° full coverage Jelly Gel® support system that effectively lifts and supports the bust. This innovative design helps contain breast tissue, preventing it from spilling over the sides and creating a smoother look under clothing.


2. Supportive Features: 👉Amanda 2.0👈

Amanda 2.0 is equipped with softer boning on the sidewings when compared to Amanda 1.0 for enhanced comfort. The side boning provides additional lift and prevents side bulging, contouring the bust and creating a smooth, sleek silhouette.

3. Breathability and Support: 👉Dahlia Bra👈

Dahlia features Modal® lining and reinforced side wings. The W-supportive underband design contours the bust, keeps bulges hidden, and offers a flattering shape. Say goodbye to discomfort and irritation caused by sweat and heat with this cooling and supportive bra.

4. Skin-Friendly Fabric:👉Harper 2.0👈

Harper 2.0 uses buttery-soft, durable materials that ensure a perfect shape and keep you free from side spillage. The firmer, reinforced fabric offers excellent side support and smoothness, making it a favorite for many.

5. Seamless Design:👉Hannah 2.0👈

Hannah 2.0 features enhanced sidewing W-support bands, providing seamless support without the need for underwires. This design ensures a smooth appearance without bulges, making it ideal for everyday wear.

6. Enhanced Coverage and Fit: 👉Thea 2.0👈

Thea 2.0 features an elevated sidewing design that offers added support and coverage, significantly diminishing breast movement and overflow. Its super-comfortable and breathable fabric is skin-friendly and feels like a second skin. This bra ensures no bunching, folding, or bulges, making it perfect for those seeking both comfort and a secure fit.

Side smooth support bras are essential for women seeking better support, shaping, and a comfortable fit that keeps the breasts well-positioned throughout the day. At FORLEST®, we’ve designed bras like Kelly 2.0, Amanda 2.0, Dahlia, Harper 2.0, Hannah 2.0, and Thea 2.0 to meet these needs, ensuring us feel confident and supported every day.

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