Finding the perfect bra for each day of the week can be a game-changer.

Whether you’re heading to the office, hitting the gym, or enjoying a lazy Sunday, the right bra can make all the difference. Here’s our guide to 7 bras for a week, each suited for different activities and outfits.

Monday: Kelly 2.0 "The Versatile Bra"

Start your week with versatility. The Kelly 2.0 Bra is crafted from thin, breathable fabric and 360º Jelly Gel® that keeps us dry, comfortable and supported throughout the day. Making it our perfect busy Monday companion.


👉Kelly 2.0👈

Tuesday: Doreen Bra "The Sports Bra"

Tuesdays are great for running, hitting the gym or attending a yoga class. The Doreen High-Impact Sports Bra offers the support you need for an active day, and its Pistachio shade can energize us during our workout.


Wednesday: Harper 2.0 "The T-Shirt Bra"

Mid-week calls for the Harper 2.0 in French Taupe. Its smooth finish ensures no visible lines under our work attire, and the breathable fabric keeps you comfortable all day long. The lightweight padding offers a natural shape, making it ideal for tight-fitting tops.

👉Harper 2.0👈

Thursday: Hannah 2.0 "The Never-Goes-Wrong Bra"

Thursdays are for a confidence boost. The Hannah 2.0 Bra is perfect for a night out, offering a little extra lift and enhancing our natural curves. With comfortable padding and a secure fit, this bra keeps us feeling fabulous all evening.

👉Hannah 2.0👈

Friday: Colbie 2.0 "The Breathable Bra"

TGIF! Fridays are made for fun and comfort. The Colbie 2.0 is ideal for a relaxed day, offering light support and maximum comfort. Its soft, breathable, stretchy fabric feels like a second skin, allowing us to unwind after a long week.

👉Colbie 2.0👈

Saturday: Hayley Bra "The Reading Bra"

Saturdays are for relaxation. The Hayley bra provides the ultimate comfort for reading or watching movie in a cinema. With no underwire to dig into our skin, it’s perfect for a laid-back day while still offering enough support for any outing.


Sunday: Sharon Bra "The Lace Bra"

End your week with elegance and comfort. The Sharon bra in Lily White is perfect for lounging at home. Its intricate lace details add a feminine touch, while the soft cups provide light support, making it great for a relaxed Sunday.

👉Sharon Lace Bra👈

Having a variety of wireless bras suited to different activities and outfits make our week smoother and more comfortable. Let FORLEST® bras help us spend a perfect week with ultimate comfort and support.

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