Assessing the Difference: Traditional Bra Brands vs. FORLEST® Wireless Bras

Looking to keep your breasts healthy? The correct bra can skyrocket your confidence and provide you with comfort throughout the day.Discover the magic of our wireless bra essentials!

With FORLEST®, you're not just gaining support, you're stepping into a realm of unparalleled comfort free from the discomfort of underwire. This is a confidence game-changer, making you feel outstanding. Let us guide you in selecting the perfect bras for you, and prepare to celebrate your shape!

Abby with Chloe 2.0

👆Chloe 2.0

Before Abby discovered FORLEST® bras, she felt underserved by her bras. Now, she's a fan of FORLEST® wireless bras, drawn in by their supportive nature. She particularly loves the Chloe 2.0 bra for how it flatters her figure! The unique blend of lightweight materials and our proprietary Jelly Gel® technology ensures outstanding breathability and increased mobility. After multiple wears, it's evident that sagging and discomfort from sweat are a thing of the past. Chloe 2.0 effortlessly shapes your breasts, reduces spillage and provides all-day comfort.

Makenna with Harper 2.0

Makenna, a 36DDD, found that standard bras weren't providing the support and coverage she needed, resulting in discomfort. However, her experience with the Harper 2.0 was transformative. Its wider coverage design offers a natural uplift and subtly minimizes the shape of your breasts. Made with a comfortable W-support band, it ensures optimal support and comfort throughout the day. Supporting up to a J cup, the Harper 2.0 provides fuller coverage, making it an ideal solution for women with fuller busts.

Lauren with Sharon Lace Bra

👆Sharon Lace Bra

Lauren had struggled to find a bra that could lift and provide cleavage simultaneously. After trying the Sharon lace bra, she was delighted with the result. This bra features buttery-soft lining, exquisite embossed lace, and a scalloped design. It employs revolutionary Jelly Gel® technology for support and comfort that is hardly noticeable. The Sharon lace bra offers both natural lift and ultimate comfort that lasts all day.  

Tracy with Dahlia Support Bra

👆Dahlia Support Bra

Tracy had concerns about bras failing to smooth out back fat, creating an unflattering look under her clothes. The Dahlia modal bra was a game-changer for her, smoothing back bulge and minimizing indentations in the underarm area and along the sides of the body. This bra, with reinforced side wings and a W-supportive underband, contours the bust and provides a sleek silhouette. Say goodbye to concerns about armpit and back fat.


In conclusion, FORLEST® is committed to providing transformative and confidence-boosting wireless bras for women with fuller bust. Our proprietary technology and design expertise ensure optimal comfort and support, empowering us to embrace our shape and enjoy every day in maximum comfort. Remember, at FORLEST®, we always 'Support Your Comfort®'.