Do you know what the appropriate band size is? The underband of the bra can be said to bear 80% of the support of the bra. A truly suitable underband should be one that fits comfortably around your torso, not tightly digging into you, not baggy, and should never ride up your back. When you first buy bras, you should set them on their loosest position. This will allow you to adjust the tightness over time.
FORLEST® has been committed to researching and developing wireless bras that are comfortable and supportive. After continuous efforts, we finally achieved it and created the unique Jelly Gel® support and W-support. It provides unparalleled comfort and support to women with larger busts. We are also actively working to expand our size range to accommodate larger band sizes. We have carefully selected the following 6 bras for fuller-busted ladies with different band sizes to choose from.

For 38” Band Size

👆Kelly 2.0👆

Band size range: 28” to 42”

Band type: 360° Jelly Gel® support

Features: Kelly 2.0 provides a revolutionary 360° full coverage Jelly Gel® support system that effectively lifts and supports the bust without the discomfort of a traditional hardwire. In addition, it not only reduces the uniboob issue but also offers improved breast separation. You can finally enjoy the perfect balance of comfort, style, and support for your breasts.

👆Chloe 2.0👆

Band size range: 28” to 40”

Band type: Jelly Gel® support

Features: Chloe 2.0 offers a charming scalloped neckline and a newly designed shape that enhances comfort. It is crafted from soft nylon blends and showcases ribbed trim for a stylish touch, ensuring both comfort and breathability. Moisture-wicking, breathable, and stretchy fabric keeps you dry and comfortable no matter where, giving you confidence and support for any occasion.

For 40” Band Size

👆Sharon Lace Bra👆

Band size range: 28” to 40”

Band type: Jelly Gel® support

Features: Sharon features a luxurious buttery-soft lining and exquisite embossed lace, designed with a trendy two-tone style. This versatile piece can be worn as a crop top or a comfortable lounging bra. With all the right options in all the right places, the Sharon lace bra is guaranteed to be the most effortlessly feminine bra in your rotation.

👆Dahlia Lace Bra👆

Band size range: 30” to 42”

Band type: Enhanced W-support

Features: Dahlia's wider hem design with a built-in W-support band offers excellent support and ensures a secure fit that won't curl. It effectively keeps your bust in place. Additionally, the reinforced side wings and the W-supportive underband are designed to contour the bust and create a seamless appearance. They effectively conceal bulges and provide a flattering shape. Say goodbye to armpit fat and back fat.

For 42” Band Size

👆Harper 2.0👆

Band size range: 28” to 42”

Band type: W-support band

Features: The improved coverage design of Harper 2.0 offers a more natural lift and reduces the visibility of the shape of your breasts. It features a comfortable W-support band that offers optimal support and comfort throughout the day. Its seamless design makes it suitable for any outfit. This bra keeps you comfy whether it’s day or night. Wear this must-have comfort bra as your everyday favorite.

For 44” Band Size

👆Hannah 2.0👆

Band size range: 28” to 44”

Band type: Enhanced W-support

Features: Hannah 2.0 is specifically designed for women with fuller busts. The bra is suitable for band sizes up to 44". Additionally, it incorporates an enhanced W-supportive shaper that provides superior support and comfort. The Hannah 2.0 is a fabulous everyday essential, this is a lingerie drawer must-have.

We carefully selected 6 comfortable bras to represent different band sizes. We hope that every fuller bust can find a bra of the right size. At FORLEST®, we will ALWAYS be able to find fashion, fun, and comfort for your every last curve.