Women with fuller busts often face challenges when shopping for bras. Many individuals frequently express dissatisfaction with bands that are not long enough and cup sizes that are too small, which makes it difficult for them to find a bra that is comfortable and provides adequate support. 

To address these issues, FORLEST® is dedicated to helping women with larger busts. We have introduced comfortable wireless bras in sizes specifically designed for fuller busts, accommodating cup sizes up to J. We have carefully selected and recommend the following 8 bras for women with fuller busts, as they offer unparalleled comfort and support for those with larger bust sizes.

For H Cup

👆Chloe 2.0

Band Size range: 28”to 40”

Cup Size range: DD/E, DDD/F, G, H, I

Features: Chloe 2.0 offers a charming scalloped neckline and a newly designed shape that enhances comfort. It is crafted from soft nylon blends and showcases ribbed trim for a stylish touch, ensuring both comfort and breathability. Moreover, its ultra-soft fabric and moisture-wicking technology will keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

    Dahlia Support Bra

    Band Size range: 30”to 42”

    Cup Size range: DD/E, DDD/F, G, H, I, J

    Features: Dahlia's wider hem design with a built-in W-support band offers excellent support and ensures a secure fit that won't curl. It effectively keeps your bust in place. Additionally, the reinforced side wings and the W-supportive underband are designed to contour the bust and create a seamless appearance. They effectively conceal bulges and provide a flattering shape. Say goodbye to armpit fat and back fat. Kianna is truly enamored with Dahlia wireless bras! In comparison to her previous bra, they offer superior support and keep her comfortable throughout the day.

    For I Cup

    Jelly Gel® Megan

    Band Size range: 28”to 40”

    Cup Size range: DD/E, DDD/F, G, H, I, J

    Features: Beyond a wireless bralette, Megan includes the ultimate Jelly Gel® support band that offers the best lift and support in the collection. It provides not only more support and comfort but also bigger paddings. As Taelyn mentioned, if you struggle to find comfortable and supportive bras, give Megan a try, you won't be disappointed.

    Sharon Lace Bra

    Band Size range: 28”to 40”

    Cup Size range: DD/E, DDD/F, G, H, I

    Features: Sharon features a luxurious buttery-soft lining and exquisite embossed lace, designed with a trendy two-tone style. This versatile piece can be worn as a crop top or a comfortable lounging bra. The lace bra named Sharon not only enhances Lindsay's confidence but also provides excellent support for her.

      For J Cup

      Harper 2.0

      Band Size range: 28”to 42”

      Cup Size range: DD/E, DDD/F, G, H, I, J

      Features: The improved coverage design of Harper 2.0 offers a more natural lift and reduces the visibility of the shape of your breasts. It features a comfortable W-support band that offers optimal support and comfort throughout the day. Its seamless design makes it suitable for any outfit. Jayde particularly values the comfortable W-support band feature, as it keeps the bra securely in place while allowing unrestricted movement.

        Hannah 2.0

        Band Size range: 28”to 44”

        Cup Size range: DD/E, DDD/F, G, H, I, J

        Features: Last but not least, Hannah 2.0 is specifically designed for women with fuller busts. It features deep cup paddings and offers support for cup sizes up to J. The bra is also suitable for band sizes up to 44". Additionally, it incorporates an enhanced W-supportive shaper that provides superior support and comfort. As someone who has a small frame but a larger bust and often struggles to find comfortable bras, Jayde highly recommends the Hannah 2.0.


          FORLEST® specializes in wireless bras designed specifically for women with a fuller bust. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect fit and the most comfortable and supportive bras. Our bras have gained a loyal following among fuller-bust women, and we are excited to share this joy with those who have struggled to find the right bra. Come and experience the comfort and support of FORLEST® bras - once you try them, you'll never go back.

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