New Bra on 2022!

Hi girl, I'm going to review some bras from Forlest. The object has long been I like it so much both for simple and clean line, because it has no lace anyway, so it is perfect under tight-fitting dresses. And the removable preformed cup is not excessively padded. Being without underwire, girls do not to have it on but support it well enough, even if i don't have all this prosperous breasts. It's very soft and didn’t give me bother.
The other two bras instead are a little different and there have lace,there are also very very beautiful here. I choose this pink one that has a central bow. There are quite padded but not excessively. Even these are without underwire,so they are soft, they do not crush the breast and it they hold up well.
And the other one is so classic black.I prefer this one beacuse it falls a little more into my strings, even if you know that pink is one of my favorite colors.