Super Flexible Bra with Jelly Gel™

Forlest is brand that is inspired by providing not only supportive but also comfortable wireless bras for women.They're pretty much creating their own brand new category with their patented technology that's called Jelly Gel™. Now i'm going to show you exactly what i'm talking about when it comes to their patent technology as well as how they fit and what goes into each of these pieces.

Jelly Gel™ Thea See-through Deco Stretch Bra

So their Jelly Gel™ technology is a new species between both wired and wireless. It's kind of a super flexible gel that they just call Jelly what makes their Jelly Gel™ bra so different. Not only do they have this 100 support but they are also wire free. They have a super flexible Jelly Gel support instead of a wire, so it makes it completely wireless while providing that same amount of support as a wired raw. 
So the first style is the Jelly Gel™ Thea see-through deco stretch bra.This is a wire-free seamless Jelly Gel™ bra. It's made of ultra smooth ice silk fabric that embraces your body. it has organic neoprene padding that enhances your bust line. It remains super lightweight and breathable.
Of course you have adjustable wide shoulder straps as well as wide wings on the side. There are also four rows of hook and eye back closures, so you can honestly tighten or loosen the strap however you want to wear it. You have the full cup that is removable. It has the removable soft padding as well as the revolutionary gel strips. It is breathable and of course has that silky fabric. 
However it does come in about five different colors and of course different sizes. As well the second style from Forlest is the Jelly Gel™ Mabel supportive sexy bra in Cafe Latte. Of course this one does come in a number of different shades and sizes as well this one also has the four rows of hook and eye closure. It does have three hook and eyes that go across the back.
And last but not least we have the Jelly Gel™ Amber minimizer stretch bra for larger breasts. This one is in color scarlet, has four hook and eye closures that are four rows deep. This one is more of a minimizer bra, so this does make your chest look a little bit smaller just because of how it's shaped as well as how it kind of helps to stretch over your chest while providing that no wire Jelly Gel™ super flexible but comfortable fit. Seamless looks great under T-shirts.