The Most Comfortable Bra Of My Life

The brand is called Forlest. Guys this is the most comfortable bra I have ever worn in my entire life. So this is like kind of like a brown purple,when I tell you it is so comfortable you guys I can't stress this enough.It's super thick but it's a nice like thick band and then the actual bra has this super light padding, there's no push up whatsoever, but it looks super flattering.
And the second bra is a different one of a different style, so as you guys saw ,let me just compare the two side by side, so you can see so this is the first one and then this is the second one it's a little bit more like full coverage.
It is so comfortable,but it does give me that support even though there's no push-up padding. So there is light padding but it's so light and soft, I love it like it's literally so squishy. It's so soft there's no like wire or anything like that and it's so comfortable to wear.
And I was so happy when I got this Forlest measuring tape, because I do not have a measuring tape like this and you don't know how many times I've actually needed one to measure myself.