Their Beautiful Bras Like Cloud!

Jelly Gel™ Bras, I feel that like cloud. When it comes to bras, I usually feel like there is something under my clothes, but Forlest bras is so amazing, i barely feel its existence. 

Jelly Gel™ Mabel Skin-friendly Stretch Sexy Bra – forlest

The first one  is the Jelly Gel™ Mabel black, which is just a basically supportive bra. This bra is durable, and it's made of ice silk fabric, they are breathable and they're stretchy. It's extremely supportive when wearing this bra and also it's seamless, the best thing about these bras is that you don't even feel them. It literally feels like a sports bra or sometimes it doesn't even feel like you have a bra on.
The next bra is the Jelly Gel™ Mia, this one came in the violet ash color, as you can see here. 
 This bra gives you a little lift and can give me that extra push in the cleavage.  It's made the same as the other one with the ice silk fabric, and it has the neoprene padding inside. It's seamless like the other ones. All of their bras are seamless. As you can see,  it's just so soft and like it feels so good.