Too Comfortable To Even Feel It

Forlest has stunning beautiful bras and bralettes. but most importantly these are the most comfortable bras I have ever worn, I truly mean these bras are very comfortable and I'm just surprised on how beautiful they are, as well the comfort they bring, so the first bra I want to share with you guys is this one, that actually has the technology of the Jelly Gel bra is this a red color.
This bra feels, as you can see, how comfortable is it. This one is the Jelly Gel and is so comfortable and I must say this one is essential especially if you know.That you're gonna be wearing a bra for a few hours maybe you're going to work or maybe you need to go out and you can’t even feel it.
It has on the back these hooks so you have four adjustments for your convenience and you can adjust these straps and even the material of the straps is material that doesn't bother you the skin. This bra you must get it if you want to feel and try this new Jelly Gel technology. I think Forlest really can discover something making this new technology, because this is unbelievably comfortable.
And this black one also has that Jelly Gel™ technology as equally as comfortable.It is the round shape on the front,and the strap has adjustments and the same in the back, you have the four different hooks so you can adjust them as you need.
Now the next one is one of my favorites, Look at that lace how beautiful it and look how delicate. I love how simple and delicate. These lace look on the bra, the material actually feels so soft on the skin. And this one also have four hooks on the back so you can adjust it. As your preference and also the straps are adjustable.
I'm obsessed with it now for the last bra they sent me and I'm actually wearing it. Because it's so beautiful.   Is so comfortable on the skin I love how it feels and I like that I can use these bralette um maybe as a top as a crop top and  with the jean jacket on I think it's gonna look so cute and so stunning.
The technology of Jelly Gel I really believe they hit this spot. With that technology since it feels so good on the skin and especially for women that are really looking to feel that comfort on wearing a bra.